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We fuel your vision


We are proud technical marketers.

Our team is comprised of web developers, computer scientists, engineers, statisticians, and other geeky disciplines.

NYTCP Digital helps our clients unlock the full capabilities of digital marketing for their businesses

We specialize in :

  • Performance, content and social media marketing

  • Email and SMS marketing

  • Technical search engine optimization

  • Technology development and website optimization

  • Data analytics, marketing funnel and ROI analysis


Our Services

Performance Marketing

NYTCP Digital plans, builds, and manages all aspects of your online advertising campaigns including:

 Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Programmatic Ad Buying, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Email

Content Strategy

We help you develop the right content that resonates with your customers and is optimized for high search visibility

Data Analytics

We love data! We build custom dashboards allowing you to monitor the right set of KPIs for your business

Our goal is to provide transparent insights across user acquisition, lead generation, and brand awareness.

SEO Strategy

How to show up on Google search results can feel like a mystery. But not for us. We study the ranking factors that improve your visibility and translate them into simple steps that increase website traffic

Growth Hacking

We create the right A/B tests and to optimize conversion.

Rapid experimenting that ensures optimized marketing tactics resulting in a high ROI

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

You’ve got a great product, team, and investors but aren't sure where to start with marketing. Hiring a fractional Chief Marketing Officer offers all the expertise and benefits of a CMO without the cost of employing one full-time. 

Our Executive Team of Digital Marketing Experts

NYTCP Digital consists of experienced creative technologists, designers and marketing experts


Gautam Gandhi


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Dhaval Gupta

Managing Partner

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Priyanshu Desai


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Akshay Goyal


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Case Studies

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