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       AI For Good

NYTCP is excited to partner with AI For Good, bringing together our shared vision for innovation through AI.


Our recent collaboration with Gain Therapeutics successfully demonstrated the power of Generative AI. We look forward to educating and enabling businesses in leveraging its immense potential.

NYTCP AI is thrilled to welcome Rajat Dhariwal, whose exceptional talent in Generative AI will significantly strengthen our AI innovation efforts.

Rajat is the founder of AI For Good and has been a student of AI for over two decades, starting from his first computer vision project in 2003 at CSE, IIT Bombay to completing his Masters at Carnegie Mellon University. Having seen waves of rule-based expert systems and the ML revolution, he truly believes that Generative AI is a watershed moment.


He has pioneered reliable, swift, and cost-efficient solutions using Generative AI across various domains including healthcare, legal, accounting, and education.

Our Services

Knowledge Base Search

Make your knowledge base discoverable with our

AI-powered natural language search, making information retrieval intuitive and efficient. Perfect for finding data spread across podcasts, databases and blogs with ease, enhancing user engagement.

Training Modules on Gen AI

Our tailored training programs for CXOs, middle management and Software Developers demystify Generative AI, providing essential skills to leverage AI technology for innovation and efficiency in their workflow.

Support Team Automation

Transform customer support with custom AI chatbot, streamlining inquiries and improving response times. It's designed to handle complex user queries and take appropriate actions, freeing your team for complex tasks and enhancing service quality.

Smart Query for Influencers

Get a custom AI tool to analyze your video transcripts, making it easy for your followers to find relevant content. It optimizes searchability and engagement, a must-have for influencers aiming to boost their content's reach and impact.

Our Executive Team
of AI Experts

NYTCP AI consists of seasoned AI professionals and experienced Deep Learning engineers.


Gautam Gandhi

Partner, NYTCP

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Rajat Dhariwal

Owner, AI For Good

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Case Studies

(Upon Request)

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